F#$% Boston Strong, we got Boston Relief over here.

1 year (+ a few days) since the original Boston Marathon Bombings and my worst fears of a 9/11-style train wreck of police state + violent revenge fantasy NEVER happened.  Sure, there was an unnecessary and largely pointless media frenzy and plenty of military style vehicles (and more violence) for the chase and capture of the bombers, which was scary at the time (as I described here and here). And I heard there was a huge and intimidating presence for the week leading up to the marathon this year (e.g., helicopter patrols and radiation testing). However, as far as I’m aware…

  • No wars were started in its name.  No lawless prison for un-charged “suspects” either.
  • No innocent strangers were assaulted based on their ethnicity or wardrobe by raging citizens.
  • No “security theater” was implemented (other than perhaps some specifically surrounding the marathon itself, which seems fairly legit to me) – I could still take the subway without being hassled and walk around freely for the intervening year (unlike after 9/11 when merely taking the train could be an ordeal).
  • And 99% of the marathoners finished the marathon this year (of 32K+ runners and 1 million+ spectators).  I was not watching, of course, since I am not a running fan, but jolly good for them.

Stronger is Stranger
(or Chinese finger trap on my ventricle)

stranger is release
wound so tight you can’t unlatch
squeeze in to set free

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