Although I recognize that nature isn’t necessarily kind, I think human beings have reached a point in their evolution where they/we can afford to be [kind], both to each other and to the animals we share the Earth with. Using animals purely as resources ignores their ability to feel pain and suffer and there are plenty of alternatives (in most circumstances). We can withdraw support from organizations that cause so much suffering in the course of producing food, makeup, fabric or war.

Go Vegan!

Our society isn’t necessarily compassionate (especially in the democorporate governments), but I think we as individuals can be, with some effort. It first takes awareness (of human-caused suffering), compassion (empathy with those who suffer through human actions), then action (to avoid contributing to the suffering or, if possible, to lessen the suffering by other means as long as those means don’t cause suffering to another being). By suffering, I do not include financial or abstract emotional angst – I mean physical pain or extreme physical discomfort for an animal such as a cat or human.

Humans are animals too.

Animals can feel pain – it’s part of what makes us animals.  Our greed-based economic system encourages profit above all else (including degradation of people, environment, animals).  We must break free of that on our own – make critical choices and avoid supporting companies or politicians who would use the excuse “it’s standard practice” to override concern for the beings who live on the planet.

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