S o s

She starves; her body corrodes.

Fist in mouth, stifling something -

I don't think I can watch this one.

With a back like a zylophone.

Tink, tink, tonk.


The mind starts to fray...

I can't talk to you anymore.

The rules are bent like your brittle bones.

Conversation is like drowning in mud.

I won't care - watch me walk away.


Dismal fragment of the past.

Teeth might be bleeding,

But I am busy sleeping.

Sore from all the papercut lies.

I am a crutch made of clouds (you don't need me).


You're a bully and a thief,

But also vilified victim:

Prisoner of dilapidated ligaments,

Logy bloodworks, shorted synapses,

(I'm indifferent) until it all collapses.


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