It's all so *fucking* heterosexual!

I can't take it sometimes.


It's all such a presupposition.

"Normal" people assume a heteresexual marriage.

A boy-boy meets a girl-girl and they fall in love.

They get married and become <puke> "Man and Wife."

Reproduction follows, genetics are preserved.


I mean, two walking talking near stereotypes

of the American Dream have a right to be happy

if that's what they want.

What makes me ill is that they seem to want to force this lifestyle on everyone.

And the man has to be the "man" and the woman has to be the "woman"

or face ridicule + ostracization.


Take the queer scene, the "normal" homosexuals first.

They are aware of the above and nearly as appalled as I.

They know it doesn't have to be two partners of the same sex, but

in many cases, one will play the "man" and the other will play the "woman"

even though they are the same sex and

have been pressured towards the same gender

except they call it "femme" and "butch"

or "top" and "bottom"


Take the transgender scene: Trannys, TS, TG, CD.

These are people with more open, or at least alternative ideas of gender

than both the "normal" hetersexuals and the "normal" homosexuals

a casual observation will lead one to conclude that

the FTMs go for femmes

while the MTFs go for butch

FTMs generally with feminine [bio-]women and occasionally an MTF

MTFs generally with masculine [bio-]men and occasionally an FTM


Where did all this butch/femme dichotomy come from?

If we know (and we should) that humans are not limited to 2 distinct genders

and we know (as we should) that humans are not limited to 2 distinct sexes

then why on earth would we be limited to playing relationships and sexuality as a gender war?

And what about those people who fall through the cracks as neither quite "butch" or "femme"?


What if a pseudo-femme gender outlaw of a bio-boy wants a pseudo-femme gender outlaw of a bio-girl?

or a femme-enlightened feminist of a bio-girl [or bio-boy]?

What if I do not want my polar opposite?

What if I want someone kinda like me, but maybe with a different body type?


I'm not saying that the heterosexual paradigm shouldn't exist, that

people shouldn't be allowed to play "butch" and "femme", "dom" and "sub", just

that there are other options and why are we so limiting, so presumptive

in our instant categorization of people?

Why should anyone have to "pass" or be instantly "top" or "bottom"?

Maybe we need to practice being "versatile."


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