like water

green tendrils of seaweed tug me down, I struggle

against intoxicating scent, it fills

my dreams, drowning, air bubbles escape, my mind drifts

along the shore at twilight, waves hit rocks and I stumble on sand


siren-like, it promises decadent joy

living in a desert, you tend to fantasize as

the throat gets raspy & breathing is painful

so heavy you can float in it, but cannot hold it in your hands

in a glass it seems so clear, but in a mass, impenetrable murk


when the light is fading, the sky slightly cloudy,

wind whipping through my hair, salty wet spray in the air

I cannot imagine another way, I feel electric


and yet as a concept it is terrifying, to have so much of it

the undertow, the large creatures, the obscene vastness of it all

sweet torment, i shall not swim


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