Sharp Lines

long day, sharp night
i could fall forever and a day
and still not be able to pay my way
the things i tried to say fell wilted, ashen to the sky
i sometimes wonder why,
but not for long,
too soon the bell rings ding-dong
hurry along children, you'll be late
for a very important date
the syringe will sedate
and you'll no longer hate your parents
what did they do?
they tried to be true,
working with the best they knew
but at night you cried in the dark alone, boo-hoo
where is your home, little orphan
annie, would i lie
hold on, there's something in my eye
i wouldn't dare cry on camera,
they're watching you know
all waiting for the show
think happy thoughts and you'll glow
you must, there's nowhere else to go
don't argue with me young [wo]man
when i say so, you'll stand
i don't want to hear anything more about a plan
keep talking and you'll get the back of my hand
this kind of life has been banned
and so in the boxes we keep
and in the shadows we weep
in their propaganda we steep
and in their houses we sleep
i hope this isn't too deep
wouldn't want to stir up echoes of revolution
such a terrible family values pollution
it's against the constitution
if you fall outside the lines, you must want to be alone
so don't you bitch and moan on the telephone
we hear and tolerate you so gnaw happy on your bone suffrage is just a relic
i think i'm going to be sick
please hand me that ice pick
i need to drill this cavity and defy gravity
to avoid drowning in that sea


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