The treachery of recombinant DNA

You'll never know what you don't ask,

the answer's lips are locked.

I know what I was and I know where I've come

there is no denial here, only the faint scent

of gunpowder, a few crumbling cardboard tubes.


You never quite understood,

my sweet unconscious one.

My veins are pulsing, blue blood

just waiting to be spilled.

If you have the right combination,

you could have me for a penny,

the nexus whore of babylon.


Don't feel bad, my sex has no value, I wouldn't want it either.

But you could have some real fun with a meat tenderizer.


Have you been working out?

Those are some big muscles,

oh! I just love a strong man, ahhh...

hit me please, i LIKE it. ohhh, yeah!

Help, I've fallen and I can't get it up.


How do you know if it is a preying or praying mantis?


there's no way up when you're standing at the top of the slide, but

there are a variety of ways down

i only fear the future as becoming the past

why can't you have the cake and eat it too?

if you do it at separate times, it is theoretically possible

anything is theoretically possible if you do it at separate times,

creatively juxtaposed moments of impropriety


i observe like a cybernetic reptile, pupil of eclipse + eyelids transparent

i see more than you know and less than you want

it's always like that in the penumbra


if i begged, would the a-clones biblically mudwrestle

for the fate of my soul? I don't want it anymore,

I've sworn off all animal products.


chemistry is killer, when you've been around

the block you know initial rush will be followed by a

slow dive, but the goa trance music seems to help


when apologies fall flat to the floor like 1-dollar bills

and leaves rustle like the triffids are coming

the myriad colors could blind you like oedipus

a rubix cube of twisting mismatches


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