I cannot give you what I haven't got

United in need is not the end result.

Desperation, Desire, Lonliness

does not push me into you, I've been there



I'm sorry that I'm not the final answer

the one to finally settle down with

There's more to life than love, I think,

but I don't know what to tell you


It isn't fair, I've had this conversation too many times

With myself.

From both sides, I can see it,

have seen it.

It hurts.


It hurts me, it hurts you, everyone seems hurt

Why can't it be easier?

You find someone, you're both available,

you even like each other to some degree,

why can't that be enough?

There're so many factors to compatibility

physical, mental and behavioral

so many criteria preventing success.


I understand why people make comprimises

in this cool autumn wind, it would be nice

but comprimises like that always end up rotting inside.

It's not there for me, I'm sorry.

Don't take it personal and when it is your turn

to have to say that, try to have empathy.


Fucking capricious chemistry.


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