Dear U.S.A.,

I may only be a cog in the giant grinding wheel, but I can see the carnage trailing in your imperialist wake. You are camouflauged in the tattered cloak of democracy, but thankfully, at least the cloak exists. We cogs are many and the sleeping ones are waking. We have your flag and we have your language, if not your finance, and the word can be wielded both ways. Look out, big brother, we are watching YOU.


Citizen Misrepresented

Below are slogans which were printed on stickers and placed in the public space in late 2002, when there was plenty of talk of war (attacking Iraq for harboring weapons of mass transportation or something). I worked with fellow artist Tim Devin (www.timdevin.com) to come up with the font and the phrases.

Some websites with government and politician information:



Open Secrets

A related site where you can print alternative yellow ribbon sayings: