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"In everyday life, you will find that your boss, your lover, or your government often try to manipulate you. They propose to you a 'game' in the form of a choice in which one of the alternatives appears definitely preferable. Having chosen this alternative, you are faced with a new game, and very soon you find that your reasonable choices have brought you to something you never wanted: you are trapped. To avoid this, remember that acting a bit erratically may be the best strategy. What you lose by making some suboptimal choices, you make up for by keeping greater freedom." - David Ruelle, Chance and Chaos

We must keep our wits about us in this cog-eat-cog world. Question everything, even your own beliefs; things are often not what they seem. This website comprises visual, audial and textual musings, meant to entertain, inform and provoke.
Creative EndeavorsAudacious Dissident

Creative Endeavors                                                                 
collage, performance, electronic music, sculpture, etc. (1996-)

                                         Audacious Dissident
vegan dandy, gothic languish,
recommended lynx (1978-)


All information and design (visual and audio), including background images, are the sole property of the digital art community and may not be used for corporate profiteering, blackmail, lawsuits or occupation of foreign countries. I have appropriated some images from external sources, but nearly all of these have been digitally altered to protect the names of the innocent. All x-ray images are of my own lovely bones. If you'd like to send digitized text my way, email:  medusa @