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I am the serpentinian proprietor: audacious dissident & vegan dandy, hear me hiss...
labels: Mdme. Dusa, Lord God Queen Bitch (LGQB), Princess, luQueen, she who slithers, et. al.

my hand x-ray - click to enlarge Medusa powerpuffme + sisters + reptiles

My two main areas of interest are:

1. Gender equality/diversity, Androgyny, Feminism
2. Animal compassion, Veganism, Floraphilia

female symbol reversed - gender linkmale symbol reversed - gender link

Planty - link to vegan

Gender Outlaw
link to GenDissent project from 2000

Planty for all
link to page of my thoughts on veganism

me and my sis - click to enlargeme - click to enlargemirror poem - click to enlarge
I am also very interested in technology, communication, human diversity, politics (living them, not so much the voting part), cooperative relationships, health, education, balance, surrealism/absurdity, clothing, making people think, dance - various kinds, clothing/costumery and contemporary art (preferably making it). And of course reptiles, especially lizards.

cross - link to gothicjavier - link to gothicOne important piece of my history is that I was a goth, from age 17 through 22.
It's not my current thing, but it helped me get through my formative years...

Gothic - dark style of my youth


Pretty Papercuts - words that wound


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