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Gender Resources

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How are people thought to relate to their anatomical sex, and how do they really?

Artwork, Articles, Community, Cyberfeminism

Below are some web resources on alternate gender - what is beyond the biologically deterministic sexually dimorphic system we operate under in the U.S. To search for resources online, try keywords "transgender," "intergender," "genderqueer," or "androgyne" on your favorite search engine (I suggest avoiding the words "gender" or "sex" as you'll get too many unrelated matches).

Offline, you can check out your local LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) organization to find out about resources in your area. If there is no such group in your area, a local women's center may have information.

Note: There is some overlap across gender studies, women's studies, and queer studies; all are challenging the heterosexual male-dominant culture we live in, by exploring paradigms of masculinity, femininity and "the other."



Artwork, Articles, Community, Cyberfeminism:

    Jill Orr:


Androgyne Online:


On the Edge of Change: Gender War and the Search for Utopia by Jillian Sandell:

Genesis P'Orridge - The Next New Way On:

Tina La Porta - Avatars:

dolores bulemic breakfast::

Guerrilla Girls - Facts, Humor and Fake Fur:

#Bitch Mutant Manifesto by VNS Matrix:

Girl Clothes in a Box by Leslie Minot:

The Transgender Guide (Q&A, Links):

The Tiffany Club of New England (Transgender Community):  

Kate Bornstein - A Transgender Transsexual Postmodern Tiresias:   

Genderqueer Revolution:

American Educational Gender Information Service (AEGIS Online):

switch Electronic Gender: Art at the Interstice


        Beyond Masculinity (essays by queer men on gender/politics):      

SubRosa (cyberfeminist collective):


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