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The Mall Adventure

The Idea:
To visit Crossgates Mall, yet another multimilion-dollar monument to consumerism and conformism in the U.S., and smash the gender rules (males dress/act in such a way; females act in such a way), and record the experience.
Lavender Sassoon-Bob Wig
Blue-Pink Iridescent Shirt
Tight Grey Business Skirt
Burgundy Fishnet Stockings
Low-Topped 2.5" Heeled Boots

Glam, Dazzling, Sassy and Scared
The Characters:
(click either side image to see the stories)

John, Renee


My reluctant accomplices.  

The storm clouds gathered as I left the safety of the car in 1999. What would I face, would I get any good audio with my hidden microphone? Would I get mobbed by gay-bashing, ball-cap wearing boys? Or would I get mauled by consumption-oriented middle-aged christian mothers?

Download the audio: Mall Gauntlet

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