Men are good mathematicians.

Men are good at science.

Men are good solid providers.

Men like physical labor.

Men are muscular and athletic.

Men like playing sports.
If they are not good at playing
sports, they like watching them.

Men drink beer. In large quantities.

Men get drunk easily and lose all rational judgement.

Men fight.
For their women.
For their country.

Men must keep strong.

Men don't let emotions get in their way.
Except anger. It is manly to be angry.

Men like sex a lot. With any woman.
If a woman shows off her body, she wanted it.

Men know lesbians are just looking for a real man.

Men like pornos and books about war.

Men are messy and take no care with their appearance.

Men do not wear make-up or skirts.

Women are good organizers.

Women are great cooks.

Women are good solid supporters
and will have dinner on the table
when he gets home from work.

Except when they are working, then they will
have dinner on the table a little late.

Women are soft and weak.

Women like children and gossip.

Women drink fruity drinks. Or tea.

Women get drunk easily and lose all rational judgement.

Women are passive.
But compassionate.

Women like brawny men.

Women are overemotional. They
let their emotions control them.

Women are only looking for a long-term
commitment. A father for their children.

Women like talking about sex, but not
doing it (especially after marriage).

Women are vain and obsessive about their appearance.

Women do not do construction.

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