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On August 9th, 2008, I participated in a number of re-enactments for MEWS-pari as part of ProvFlux 2008 in Providence, Rhode Island. This was the brainchild of my friend Tim Devin, which comprised a series of stories (scripted with some improvisation parts) gathered from people about real encounters with strangers that they deemed meaningful and re-enacted on the streets.

MEWS-pari = Meaningful Encounters With Strangers participation and re-enactment initiative

MEWS initiative (description):
MEWS stories:
Official documentation (pictures):

Performers: Tim, Maggie, LuQ, Karen (and a few random strangers).
Performances: Enlightenment, A Cab on New Years, Shoving, The Love-sick Man, and his Kung-Fu Sapling, etc. (see story archive)

Here are some photos from Karen's camera (most of which she took):

"Enlightenment" was one of our favorite pieces and we did several performances (raver dancing on the streets, click thumbnails to expand):



Another favorite was "The Lovesick Man and his Kung-Fu Sapling" (click thumbnails to expand):




"A Cab on New Years" (click thumbnails to expand):



Other pieces (including "Shoving" and "A Bus Accident"; click thumbnails to expand):