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I love the ephemeral bliss of performance art, though it's a challenge to document.

I've molded myself in contortions and explosions (post-modern dance and stage combat - And So No Sin), rubbed my voice raw in pontification (theater/ skits - Class Acts Theater) and swirled across the ballroom floor, hapless partner in tow (ballroom dancing - Twisted Tango).

History: I've performed in galleries, theaters and on the streets, some solo, most ensemble. I worked briefly with DAGGER ("dykes with a cutting edge"), but for a longer tenure with the And So No Sin Performance Troupe (2 years), later with Class Acts Theater Troupe (2 years) and then doing ballroom dancing (2 years), which involved only one major performance (Twisted Tango), though every dance is performance of a sort (I have continued with various dance classes, but nothing all that performative since). I also directed Still Married in 2006, a one-person performance featuring a series of complex characters and their gray-area reactions to the fight for marriage equality (gay marriage) in Massachusetts (see the Brochure I did for more info). I was most recently a reenactor for MEWS-pari in 2008. See my Artist Resume for a complete listing of my endeavors.