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On June 2, 2006, I danced a choreographed [ballroom] tango with my dance teacher/partner Michelle Montanez as part of the Belmont Fred Astaire Summer Showcase Spectacular. Normally, Tango is a very gender-stereotyped dance, but we twisted ours up with some role-reversal (with Michelle leading some parts) and also added some stage combat [not pictured]. Here are a few photos (credit - Mark Drury, click any to see larger).

Michelle leading me into a Corte

One of us leading a Promenade

Me leading a Ronde

Spinning Michelle out after Ronde

End of a Right-side Fan

Leading a swivel into
Promenande position

Leg hook

Michelle dipping me (oops, forgot to straighten my leg)

Fred Astaire Dance Studio Belmont is where I take lessons:

Fantastic non-leather [vegan] dance shoes from: Ethical Wares

Some history of the dance Tango:

Here's one more picture from a practice session a month or so before the show (thanks, Earl!):