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This was a later project (in1999, after my initial class) that was done as a bigger, mixed-media (VRML + HTML + writing) statement about the body modifications we might make. Initially, the heads below were an embedded VRML animation (the tattooed head circling the pierced one), so I took a few screenshotse. Clicking the socket in the neck would bring the user to the main menu world, which was a grid of options (see next page).

As technology mutates and takes over our culture, there is an associated phenomena of growing body alteration. Humans have been altering their bodies for many years, but now more can be done, and more easily. High budget can now alter bone structure, fat content, eyesight, and voice; soon it will be able to alter genetic structure.   But street-tech already allows all kinds of permanent jewelery (from multiple earpiercings to genital piercing, to implanted spikes/horns), all sorts of hair modifications (from relaxers to bleach, to rainbow colored hair), and other modifications (strange make-up, colored contacts) that are relatively low budget and easily performed.

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Industrial Revolution to Information Era. Communication has been devalued by its very convenience. It's a fight to remain an individual in the swell of intercommuncation. How can one paradigm be noticed in the oceans of data??

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