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Tattered Archive
Recovered selected student works
(not available in original format)

Animation stills
Images from computer animations using Softimage (1999).
All models, textures, lighting and animation were done solely by me.

My pocketwatch:

Pocketwatch textures were mostly Softimage preset textures.

Genderprism: (related to my GenDissent project)
I also did an interactive (VRML) version of this world, which is documented here.

Sample (beginning part) of the full animation

This went with the video for GenDissent.

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Most of these textures (iris, carpet, ribbons, feather boa) I created from scratch using Photoshop.

VRML stills

These projects comprise 3-dimensional interactive worlds done in Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML) using CosmoWorlds, which never caught on, unfortunately (not usable online with modern browsers). So I've taken some screenshots for each project and put them on separate pages (click project name/link to view), where hopefully you can get a sense of the 3-dimensional, interactive nature of it all. Note: some items were clickable, either as navigation or else to perform actions and sounds were used for some (either as ambient or on clicks); those unfortunately, I cannot demonstrate.



Connexion Severed
A romantic relationship ripped apart.  
This piece was done in a program called Toolbook in 1999, and could be navigated in various ways according to the user's preference. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Toolbook to work on the web. The thumbnails below are arranged in the general navigation schema: menu was the top level of navigation, the 5 similar lavender pages were the second level; and the 5 different scenes (bottom row of images) was the third level of navigation, in some cases interlinked. I did this piece originally with a classmate, but have only provided here the sections that I did myself (words + images).

Long-term relationships often end with very strong feelings of loss. After being in a relationship for an extended period of time, your partner becomes a part of you, and losing them is like not being able to breathe. A person must adjust to the fact that they no longer have an "other," and in doing so will experience some very complex feelings and emotions. This project deals with the emotional aftermath of such a loss.       Menu

Just Friends
New One
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