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Below are some experimental music pieces I composed from samples and/or midi using ProTools, Soundforge, Premiere and/or Acid 3.0. Most were done from 1998-2000 (realaudio files), but the last piece is more recent 2003 (mp3).

Infobahn Tohell; Big Tech in Little India - first electronic audio piece I did. It is a collage of some samples I took (kraftwerk, an Indian pop song and a random technopop song) in a sort of harsh grind. Best listened to at loud volumes, it does make sense, but you need to listen hard.

Kafka's Midi Trial - the first midi piece I did. It's a sort of winding and confounding journey through the different sounds without using any sequences or loops that so often make midi a boring medium best suited for background music in computer games.


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Tricked - manipulated samples from Tricky (specifically from Juxtapose with DJ Muggs and Grease) and some cows. There's actually 2 short pieces with about 5-10 seconds of silence between the two.

Journey to wake

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Journey to wake - another midi piece I did, sort of haunting and ethereal. A bit like that realm of half-consciousness just between sleep and wakefulness.

Colorado Campfire - soundtrack for a video piece of the same name that I did regarding the media circus surrounding the Columbine School massacre in 1999 (additional comments on my Gothic page). The video has unfortunately been lost, but the soundtrack remains. It was basically some images of me in a trenchcoat interspersed with some dismal hallways and stone carvings and also a contrived farcical interview with a friend blaming the shootings on music and clothing. This piece was derived from the"Journey to wake" piece, but was resampled and augmented.

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Gendertwist - soundtrack for "GenDissent" video which deconstructs the gender roles presented by the mass media. More description in the GenDissent section. The piece was done using my own recorded samples that I electronically manipulated.

Mall Gauntlet

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Mall Gauntlet - an audio piece for which I used samples from a trip to the mall and also an overlying narrative that describes most of wh
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at is going on. Basically, I went cross-dressed to a large mall and brought a hidden microphone, the piece describes my experience. Visuals at the mall adventure portion of the gender site.

Got Facts?

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Got Facts? - public service announcement for WRPI defraying dairy industry propaganda. Elizabeth Press, Jason Murphy and I wrote, recorded and composed it together. Ref:

Princess Bitch

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Princess Bitch - I always thought it would be great if someone did a techno remix of David Bowie's Queen Bitch, a rocking folksy ballad of cross-dressing clublife which is so stereotypically acoustic, I thought the electronic influence could turn it upside-down. Initially, I was thinking of something a bit more dancy, but I was limited by my tools (and lack of access to the master tapes) and it became more noisy than techno, but perhaps more interesting as well.